On Saturday, Louise Mensch released a story claiming there is a sealed indictment granted against Donald Trump. Her tweet includes the story link if you’re so inclined.

Because you know, 2017 hasn’t been crazy enough so far.

The story is apparently a joint effort between Mensch and Claude Taylor who both have different sources who reportedly shared the same info. Honestly and in full transparency we’re not entirely sure how to make heads or tails of this stuff anymore.

Hey, we just work here.

Interestingly enough, after sharing the story on Twitter, Mensch’s lawyer, Mark S. Zaid, voiced concerns about her credibility:

Granted, many people weren’t entirely sure an attorney would tweet this way to his client on Twitter, but then again, it is 2017 … and 2017 is already making 2016 look like a sane cakewalk.

But he DOES have that blue checkmark thingie.

Not untrue.

But still, a little awkward.