It never fails, check the Sean Spicer parody’s timeline and there are at least three or more screenshots of Lefties who have gotten super pissed off at the account, thinking it’s actually Spicer.

And it never fails to crack our shiznit up … like Gandhi:

Yeah yeah yeah, we know Tony isn’t Gandhi, but there’s just something hilarious about seeing Gandhi telling Spicer he’ll send him soap in prison.

And he’d rather have Twinkies.


Russia Russia Russia.

And hey, no jokes about the guy who ISN’T your boss.

Nyet. How do you say LOL in Russian? Anyone?

If you put this tweet to “Mary Had a Little Lamb” it does sound a little bit like a song, albeit an extremely f’d up and crazy song.

Dear Twitter Gods,

Thank you for the Sean Spicer parody account, @sean_spicier. We have never needed to laugh more than we do now.



Oh, and we had to include this exchange between Spicier and his “boss”: