As Twitchy reported earlier, The New York Times published an opinion piece that DARED to go against the pro-death abortion mantra of third-wave feminists, and they lost their damn minds.

Case in point, Renee Bracey Sherman (apparently the Queen of all Abortions) went FULL CAPS LOCK in tweet-rage over the piece because it framed abortion for what it is … death:

Abortion is defined as the deliberate termination of a human pregnancy …

But you be you, be more outraged that an opinion piece called abortion what it is.

Language like that has gotten people killed.

Huh. You know what else has gotten people killed? It rhymes with schmabortion.

She then doubled down on crazy AND used an animated gif … look out:

SHE’S AN EXPERT in abortion. WOW. She studies abortion too, so we shouldn’t “try her.”

Of course she has the editor of this piece and Twitchy blocked so we’re pretty sure she’s not exactly open to being “tried” by anyone who might disagree with her rambling.

And really, bragging about killing innocent babies is something Renee is proud of?


We are experts at WRITING TWEETS because we’ve WRITTEN THEM BEFORE.

The amount of stupid in her argument in addition to the silly animated gif cracked us all up … so there’s that.

She’s an EXPERT man.

And hey, we shouldn’t “try” the expert.