As Twitchy readers know, Kurt Eichenwald tweeted something dumber than a person with a horrible nut allergy working in a peanut butter factory, basically wishing horrible suffering and death on Republicans for supporting the AHCA.

That of course went over like a ton of bricks and Kurt spent much of his day being chastised for it, even from members of the Left (go figure). The shame must have been enough though because just as we were feeling fairly certain he wouldn’t be apologizing for it, he released this wordy and lamely melodramatic statement:

Notice how he dances around what he really said and pretends the people he wished a torturous death on still deserved it. We clipped a portion of the statement that we thought was the most telling, so you wouldn’t have to read it (unless you want to):


So really Eichenwald isn’t sorry he wrote what he did, he’s just sorry people got pissed off at him for it. At least that’s our takeaway …

Indeed it is.

Oh the IRONY of tweets like this. Where was Kurt when Democrats forced Obamacare on this country, destroying MILLIONS of Americans’ health insurance plans, robbing them of doctors and specialists.

He’s only worried NOW because he might be impacted.

Poor baby.


Rage tweeting. *eye roll*

Dana Loesch didn’t appear to buy it either.

Not the first line he’s crossed.

So much boom.