We knew with Comey’s testimony yesterday that Sean Spicer’s parody account, @sean_spicier, would be confronted with bunches of angry Lefties yelling and screaming at … a parody.

You’d think by NOW they’d know it’s not really Spicer, beyond the fact there is no blue check we’ve been writing about him for months now. Then again we don’t get too many Lefty readers.

Once Spicier commented on Comey his timeline BLEW UP, with Twitchy gold:

So bad.

Oh yeah!?! You know what else is bad judgement? Not looking for a blue check before making yourself look like an idiot.

He should use more exclamation points when he tweets … it makes him seem that much more intelligent and rational.


Eh? Gross.

Oh, another tweet freaked them out as well – same topic:

Wow. Tracy here wants Republicans to go to jail because they tweet mean things about Hillary. And she wonders why Democrats can’t win an election.

Chick needs to look for the blue check, or maybe even just read a bio.

Nasty women … and they complain about the way Trump talks about them?

She had a lot to say, too bad she didn’t realize she was tweeting it to a parody.

Ok so Bob here realizes it’s a parody, too bad he doesn’t have a sense of humor.

Oh, and this one was from an unrelated tweet but we thought the response was so funny we had to include it:

Just one.

And fin.