Planned Parenthood has gone into full social justice desperation since their “ace” failed to get elected in 2016. Sure, they’ve been grossly annoying for years and years but recently their tweets have peaked with stupid.

They’re so busy making victims out of women who want to have abortions that they unintentionally tweeted something that could be used AGAINST abortion and as a result, against themselves.

Hrm. No one should fear those entrusted to protect them … sounds like the unborn to us. Shouldn’t the innocent be able to trust their mother to protect them?


Or a little footnote somewhere? *Unborn babies are just clumps of cells and stuff so they don’t count.*

The anti-life crowd was all too predictable on Father Martin’s tweet:


Interesting how those of us who have already been born like to pretend they know what the unborn feel.

Absolutely not true. And it’s beyond sad that Planned Parenthood has been able to push this horrible narrative which robs women of receiving the best care. Selfish.

What the? #Ghoul

Health of the mother accounts for less than 2% of all abortions, wish these people would stop using them to push abortion for convenience.

Ok, that’s it. The editor working on this piece literally JUST CAN’T.