If you’re really tired of hearing about climate change, raise your hand.

OK, we are too and honestly after Bill Nye had actual science on gender REMOVED from his show (are you kidding us?!) we were all but done with covering their nonsense.

Until we saw S.E. Cupp take self-proclaimed male feminist (and the only guy who may have more people blocked on Twitter than Wil Wheaton), Charles Clymer apart.

Absolutely. Science used to be about not understanding why something happens the way it does, and then working on finding out how it works. And why.

It has now become another tool of social justice and a religion.

Oh PLEASE with this stat! The entire number is based on an online survey that was taken by a handful of scientists … most of whom were likely taking grant monies to “discover” man made climate change.

How dare Cupp ask him to read a book. That’s totally sexist.


The real tragedy is that people take this guy seriously.

It’s all they know. Dramatic extremes that will scare you into believing what they believe; such a disingenuous and annoying way to debate.

Of course it is the climate change cult we’re talking about here.