Stardate, May 2017. We venture onto the planet Twitter, where feminism and social justice are clogging the inhabitant’s ability to think for themselves.

Heh. Always wanted to write something like that …

Seems William Shatner made the hairy-legged, cat hoarders club’s radar, and it wasn’t even his doing. Just an article written about him:

Shatner, who actually is remarkably humble and modest considering he changed the face of science fiction, replied to the piece:

We’re pretty sure if you read any of their materials you’ll find something along the line of “Captain Kirk is the patriarchy.”

Connie has no idea that women don’t need feminism at all to be strong.

YAAAAAAS! Why does feminism have to center on tearing men down? How exactly does that build women up?

Oh geez.

And look, a blue check.

Twitter, you’re so obvious.

So much boom. Watch out for those phasers, Mari.

FFS. Do people actually believe this crap?

William Shatner OWNED these feminists … like a BOSS.

Editor’s Note: Before any hairy-legged cat hoarders get all fussy about this article, please note it was written by a woman. You’re welcome.