Truth hurts when it comes to Obamacare. It especially hurts when delivered in a calm yet factual manner from Mary Katharine Ham …

For example this tweet (we would LOVE to show you what she is responding to, but this person was so upset with this exchange that he/she/it deleted not only the tweet, but his/her/its account as well):

Of course they were sold a lie; that being said, even the ones who knew it was a lie still pretended otherwise.

The Left always leaves out the millions of Americans who lost their plans under Obamacare, many of those plans lost because they were “too good” and would be taxed out of existence so companies dropped them.

Ummm nope. It was a lie.

A giant one in fact.

He did lie.

Again, sadly we can’t include the tweet Ham is slamming with a smile because they were so triggered they skidaddled.

Numbers don’t lie:

Real bad indeed.