As Twitchy readers know, Time Magazine released their list of the top 100 influential people and shocker, Women’s March organizers like Linda Sarsour made it.

Oh and look, Senator Kirsten Gillibrand wrote about them. How edgy:

Seriously, calling Linda Sarsour exceptional or a suffragette? Psh.

It gets worse – per Time:

This is the rebirth of the women’s movement. These women are the suffragists of our time. And our movement isn’t going away—it’s just the beginning.

Any movement that is led by an individual who champions Sharia law has no business representing women and should absolutely go away.

Supporting a woman who threatened to remove another woman’s vagina probably isn’t the best idea, senator.

Just sayin’.

But Trump or something …

Oh yeah, that. Silly, she’s too busy comparing Sarsour to the women who fought for other women to have the right to vote.

The stupid seriously burns.

Oops. Yeah, she openly talked of kicking Ayaan’s ass and taking her vagina away.

But let’s celebrate that because she’s a progressive or something.

Let’s hope the senator is just dense.