Today is another mythical “holiday” that progressives and SJWs came up with to pretend women are paid less just because they’re women. No matter how many studies prove there is no wage gap when education, experience and ability are equal, these people just keep on pushing their false, silly narrative.

So Conservative women just keep on destroying that false, silly narrative.

Choice is such a huge factor in this argument. Women traditionally choose roles where they make less than men; how many female welders and plumbers do you know?

Oppressor! How dare you work hard and make good on your own!

Oh yeah, Audi also tweeted evidence that the wage gap is stupid. Expect the vagina heads to call a boycott of their vehicles any day now.

Wait, you mean you’re responsible for your choice AND you’re a woman?!?! GET OUTTA HERE.

Serio, bruh.



Interesting point; if we judge women based on how much they earn isn’t that in and of itself sexist?