Don’t worry folks, Democrats are being totally mature and absolutely law-centered in their criticism and obstruction of Neil Gorsuch.


Ok FULL transparency – it was SO HARD to write that with a straight face, especially when Democrats like Dick Durbin are saying things like this:

Oh good grief. Anyone else have a vision of Little Dicky on the playground saying something like, “I know you are, but what am I?” Clearly Dana Loesch had a similar vision:

That sums up Democrats’ behavior in general honestly.

Specifically Gorsuch for now, but everything they do is about payback, or being selfish little brats … total playground politics.

And no one is quite as obnoxious as Dick Durbin, except MAYBE Chuck Schumer.

Grade school you mean.

We all know they’re just being children and playing games; what’s hilarious is it’s their own actions and “rules” that are kicking them in the ass right now.



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