Psh, Ben Shapiro is so scary and stuff:

You’d think by now these progressive universities across the country would figure out that by silencing people they disagree with, they only empower them and make their messages louder.

Of course these are college kids so figuring things out may be a tad beyond them …

Per Young America’s Foundation:

Intolerant leftists at the University of Florida have not stopped at vandalizing posters and defacing other advertisements for the Young Americans for Freedom (YAF) chapter’s lecture tonight featuring Ben Shapiro.  They are so threatened by conservative ideas being heard by their peers that they have concocted a lame plan to prevent other students from hearing Shapiro speak.

Also a screenshot(which we think is absolutely hilarious) from YAF:


Joe here seems like such a friendly, tolerant person.

We’d be lying if we said we didn’t kinda sorta love that Shapiro causes these safety-pin needing whiners to absolutely lose their shiznit.

Ya’ think?


How dare you oppress them with actually having expectations for their futures!

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