Well then.

Rachel Dolezal appears to be doubling down on her racial identity crisis.


Via the New York Post:

Dolezal has penned a memoir in which she compares her travails to slavery and describes her harrowing childhood as a pale, blond girl growing up poor on the side of a Montana mountain.

As she toiled in the garden for her strict, Evangelical parents, she’d dream of freeing her inner blackness, Dolezal writes in “In Full Color: Finding My Place in a Black and White World.”

See, she’d read her grandmother’s National Geographic magazines. So she knew about blackness.

Just when you think her story can’t get any weirder.

Oh Rachel.

Wait, what?!

Granted, a lot of people will probably read this memoir because she is such a train wreck BUT c’mon … does she really think anyone will believe this?

Yeah, this went well, Rachel.

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