Ranty angry feminists gonna rant and be angry.

It all started here:

Huh? No, it’s based on the idea that women should pay for women’s care and men should pay for men’s care. This is not rocket science.

Of course that didn’t stop Laura from making it about something it’s not, which begged the question Amy Otto finally asked:

Pretty simple, yeah? SJWs and feminists in general seem very body-obsessed.

Wha? Oh boy. Probably shouldn’t have gone there with a conservative woman but she did …

Sit. Down.

Interesting how this woman (sorry if we’re assuming gender or whatever) thinks that not following along with her narrative is somehow self-hating. And by interesting we mean typical and boring.



Feminists can’t stand it when women refuse to accept they’re oppressed, even when they’re not.

Should we tell her?

Because science!

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