Elizabeth Warren is a woman on a mission, a mission to make herself the biggest hypocrite in Washington DC.

And she’s well on her way.

For instance, she has been complaining about Betsy DeVos … again.

Waaaah, Betsy DeVos hired people who have ties to the for-profit college industry. Pretty sure ol’ Chief Shaky Fist here has NO room to talk:

Yikes! That’s gonna leave a mark.

And WOW, $350,000 for a single class?!

Interesting isn’t it, how Democrats conveniently ignore Liz’s cultural appropriation. Even more interesting is how she gets away with shaming people for making money or being wealthy when she herself is very wealthy.

And by interesting we mean obnoxious, pathetic and really gross.

It may actually say this word-for-word on her official Senate nameplate.

Right? Liz is front and center flapping her gums when she thinks school is ‘too expensive’ for young people today, but at the same time she’s more than happy to take a big ol’ paycheck for a single class.

Liz, thy name is Chief Big Hypocrite.

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