If Judd is so concerned about where vets’ meals come from maybe he should write a check.

Just sayin’.

Judd and other Democrats would be better off just admitting they hate Trump and will do or say anything to make him look bad. Take for example this infographic shared by another ‘Trump fan” that implies Trump somehow hates veterans …

Ok, if people like Nick and Judd would read something other than say Huffington Post, they’d realize only 3% of the Meals on Wheels budget comes from the Feds. And if they were actually all that concerned about hungry people they could MORE than cover that 3%.

But they’re not so they won’t.

It’s more about using this to hurt Trump than it is about hungry vets.


Oh but they’d rather support the government in forcing you to pay for these things. That somehow makes Democrats like Judd feel good about themselves.

What’s stopping them? They don’t really care about the vets or the hungry, that’s what.


Write. A. Check.


Democrats suddenly find Jesus over Meals on Wheels, SHOCKED to learn he wasn’t a Socialist