When Ashley Judd looks sane next to you? Maybe time to step away from politics, just sayin’.

This tweet from Donald Trump so infuriated Sarah Silverman …

she called him the c-word.

Sarah, he’s not wrong. The media has been awful to him, and vice versa. That being said, what about this particular tweet freaked you out so badly that you quote-tweeted him and ranted about human rights?

And which human rights are you talking about?

Like we said, when you make Ashley Judd seem rational …

Getting hard to tell one freak out from another, right?

Granted, Silverman’s freak outs are usually gross and unoriginal but both women come off as slightly unglued cat hoarders.

She practices her craft or something.

When OBAMA was whining about the press and destroying the country it was for our own good. Duh.


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