You ever have one of those moments when you come across a meme that’s so WRONG that you have to read it several times to make sure you read it right?

Like this one:


Right? If you’re going to say FACT maybe list a fact or two? Simply saying the word fact and then yammering on about something untrue doesn’t suddenly make it true.

They have NO idea. Someone just told them silencers are bad and stuff …

Right, Senator Gillibrand?


Sort of like when they talk about assault rifles and how black guns are worse than other guns?

The only people who buy their lies already support their agenda so it really is a waste of time.

Puppets and crayons too.

Shh, don’t let your facts get in the way of their narrative.


Not the brightest crayons in the box it would seem. Nope.

That sums this up, perfectly.


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