Remember the fit Democrats threw when the GOP did this? And how the media accused Republicans of putting thousands and thousands of people out of work and starving those on food stamps and other nonsense?

Good times.

Government is like oxygen to Democrats, no way they’ll actually shut it down.

Besides, didn’t they say it was unpatriotic or something?

Sorta like how not accepting the results of the election would be unpatriotic – right Dems?

That would be epic.

So far it’s safe to say he has not exactly been anyone’s worst nightmare. Maybe a little annoying but not a nightmare.

Yup. They’ll play it like the Democrats are underdogs fighting the EVIL dictator trying to kill poor people … they might even throw in a paragraph about how the GOP kicks puppies or something.

Let’s be honest, shutting down the government wouldn’t exactly upset the GOP.




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