Nobody clutches pearls QUITE like Barack Obama.

Ok, maybe Hillary Clinton is CLOSE …

And wow, lots and lots of pearl clutching going on about a wiretap in Trump Tower. It’s like Democrats are shocked we would ever suspect the Obama administration of doing something sneaky or dirty.

Oh wait.

Add to that the video producer he helped put in jail over Benghazi and a multitude of scandals the media keeps telling us didn’t exist.

“If you like your doctor you can keep your doctor” ring any bells?

But how DARE you!? His honor and legacy and stuff …


Of course he does and the Democrats know it. But it’s ok when THEY do it.

Absolutely. We’re to believe that AND that Obama magically evolved on gay marriage right before the election in 2012.

Oh, and remember how he made fun of Romney for saying Russia was a concern?

Good times.