As Twitchy readers know, Debra Messing took issue with President Trump honoring Carryn Owens, widow of Chief Petty Officer Ryan Owens, during his speech Tuesday night.

Let’s see … she called his paying tribute to her and her fallen husband HORRIFYING. Horrifying. That’s a pretty strong word, don’cha think?

But now, after she’s had a couple of days to think about it (oh, and after an Obama/Hillary volunteer lost his job for being horrible about the widow), Messing decided to tweet this about Owens:

Awww so that’s it. She wasn’t disrespecting their sacrifice, she was upset over all of the clapping.

Seems legit.

Maybe if she had taken a selfie in solidarity we could all take her seriously here …

Awww now now, you can’t expect Debra to actually pay attention to the facts here, she’s all wrapped up in Trump hatred.