Sorry Nancy, they don’t like you … they really don’t like you.

According to this NBC/WSJ poll (with a +5 Dem sample), Nancy Pelosi is the least liked politician in the US. In fact Democrats are sucking wind in general but Pelosi really stands out in this poll (and not in a good way):

Even the Republicans most unpopular candidate (Mitch McConnell) is still five points more popular and well-liked than Nancy. Gosh, guess treating Americans like they’re too stupid to understand the law is not such a great idea, Nan.

She really is. Of course just look at her district … they keep on electing her.

From the same poll, illustrating even more how Republicans (and by default Trump) are leading the way:

That doesn’t stop the Left from whining and complaining about each and every thing the Right does, but it’s interesting the effect their behavior is having on everyday Americans.

Keep it up, Democrats.