Ever since the Women’s March announced their next big event, “Day Without a Woman,” people have been asking what they’re supposed to do on this specific day.

Luckily the event organizers finally released the details … and yeah, they are less than inspiring.

  1. Women take the day off work — whether you are paid or unpaid. (ROFL)
  2. Refrain from shopping for the day — or if you must shop, choose small, women- and minority-owned businesses. (don’t buy clothes from evil white women though)
  3. Wear red in solidarity with those participating in and supporting the strike. (even though it will totally clash with your pink vagina hat)


Twitter of course had input and ideas of its own:

Had to take it a little further right?

So don’t go to work, don’t shop and then wear red.

That’ll show the patriarchy!

*eye roll*


Because sane women know the way to show our worth is not by throwing a temper tantrum and refusing to work for a day. Seriously, how in the world do they think that illustrates that women should be paid equally when they can’t be bothered to show up for work?

Yeah, triple nah.

Right? What the heck does that mean, unpaid labor?

They can’t answer because women’s rights are the same as men’s.

Honestly this is just another excuse for these broads to pretend they’re doing something worthwhile.