After Tom Perez beat Keith Ellison for DNC Chairman, many in the Democratic party weren’t exactly thrilled. That being said, Ellison did his part to try and unify their party by posting a congratulatory tweet and photo on Twitter.

There is only one problem with the photo …

Ellison looks a little like he just smelled a fart, right? And seriously, Perez looks the same so someone could have passed gas right before the photo was snapped but still.

But really, Ellison doesn’t look ‘happy.’ At all.

But hey, congratulations Tom.


Oh and the implosion on the Left since the vote has been glorious:

Tough crowd, Keith.

Bernie supporters just can’t seem to move on.

Way to go, Democrats.


A Clinton hack! Congrats.


Can’t make everyone happy all of the time, Keith.

Now SMILE for a picture.