When will trolls learn if you don’t start none won’t be none?

Apparently this tidbit about distractions from Kennedy on Fox News this morning upset a few climate change peeps (let’s be honest, what DOESN’T upset these people?):

Climate change is a distraction for the Left. Fair point. Or at least they attempt to use it as a distraction when debating any and everything on the planet (heh, we said planet).

Seems to have triggered this gent a bit though:

We love these “THE SKY IS FALLING” climate change trolls. They’re so cute … ok, not cute but delightfully entertaining in a “OMG we can’t stop laughing at your stupid” kind of thing.

Sort of like a chew toy maybe?

OH NO, she said snowflake. And flapping claptrap? Dig it.

And yeah, Kennedy chewed him (and Leo) up!