It all started with a tweet from Speaker Ryan about freedom being the ability to buy what you want to fit the need you have.

Makes sense, yeah?

Of course the idea of freedom and spending your money as you see fit freaked out Bernie Sanders (and a whole lot of other socialists who get confused about living in a Republic):


Bingo. The Left will never really understand basic capitalism.

This is not difficult. The Feds should never tell citizens they have to purchase a product or tell them which product they have to buy. And they sure as Hell shouldn’t penalize them with a tax if they can’t afford to buy said product.

Because yeah, that’s fascism.

Fascism BAD.

Sadly it’s our healthcare that’s really ‘rekt’ these days.

For some reason, Bernie thinks people paying for health insurance they can’t afford to use is freedom.

So much facepalm.