Funny how the media loves to misquote Trump … and they wonder why they’re such a joke.

And we don’t mean funny “ha ha,” we mean funny “wow that’s super pathetic.”

When you look at the transcript it’s hard to figure out how the media came up with the idea that Trump said there was a terror attack. Sure, it’s rambling word salad but nowhere does Trump refer to a specific incident.

Who’da thunk it?

But still …

He didn’t actually say it. The media made a convenient assumption to use as another attack on the president. Silly media, didn’t you know that when you assume you make an ass out of you … and you?

Spin away.

Bingo. If you want to call the president out at least make sure you’re calling him out for something LEGITIMATE. Otherwise it just turns into more noise, or in this case more reason to ignore and mock the media.

Fascinating how desperate people are to read more into the transcript than what was actually said.

Could have been this … we don’t know, and neither does the media. But that didn’t keep them from jumping all over this in an attempt to ridicule Trump.

And mic drop.

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