The only thing funnier than Democrats pretending to care about the Constitution is their pretending they would put country over party. Like Sarah Silverman here, quote tweeting Adam McKay, trying to shame the GOP for something Democrats have done for decades.

Of course Democrats are so smug and self-centered they assume their party IS the country, so they can’t understand their own hypocrisy.

Or they deliberately ignore reality; maybe a little bit of both.


Party over country much? But hey, GOP elected someone as president so that means they put party over country, right?

The stupid … it burns.

Did they forget or is this more of a deliberate ignorance?

Longer than that but true.

And there is the BIGGEST “up yours” the Democrats pulled with the election; rigging their own primary so Hillary could have “her turn”. They literally made it where the candidate who may have had a chance didn’t even get past their own primary.

Talk about party over country.


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