It all started with a tweet from Deray McKesson about the future of the DNC and the various people who are running for Chairman. Seems he really likes this Perez guy …

Experience and vision, hrm, interesting.

Enter Susan Sarandon who has by all accounts been very consistent throughout the election. Sure, she’s a progressive but she’s been as vocal as anyone on the right about the nonsense going on with the Democrats … so huzzah.

And in typical Democrat fashion, Sarandon speaking out of turn and calling out lobbyists was not met with much love …

Hrm. She helped elect Trump.

Gosh Joan, we think that falls on Hillary, not Sarandon or others she couldn’t convince to vote for her. Your party doesn’t own anyone’s vote and until you figure that out you’ll keep losing.

Which is fine with us.

Oh, but Sarandon wasn’t having ANY of that crap:


And double ouch.

It wasn’t just Walsh who attempted to shut the ‘Thelma & Louise’ actress down, plenty of other tolerant Lefties were more than happy to attack her:

Wow. Democrats are eating their own.

And these folks wonder why they keep losing?

Dude, cut back on the mansplaining.

Awwww there it is. They still can’t own what actually cost them the election, and it’s this nonsense.

That and Hillary was really just an awful candidate, but this behavior from the “love trumps hate” crowd is what really hurt ’em.

Can’t fix stupid, Susan.