As Twitchy readers know, ThinkProgress LGBT editor Zack Ford seems to think he owns the rights to what it means to be gay. Apparently he also thinks he has the right to demand others be politically correct; maybe he missed it, but the guy who built his campaign around the idea of doing away with political correctness WON the election.

Case in point:

Fair. Americans have gotten SO busy and bogged down with political correctness that they are almost incapable of even having a conversation anymore. Of course Ford found a way to be outraged over this tweet …

Have you ever rolled your eyes SO FAR back in your head that you could see behind you? Yeah, we just did that.

Basic respect for human dignity.

Alrighty then.

D’oh! And nope. Ford seems to think that for whatever reason he gets to decide which gay people are accepted and which ones are not. He has openly said he will not acknowledge gay conservatives …

And there he is whining about basic human dignity?

Chad Felix Greene really is the Left’s ultimate kryptonite. He’s gay, Jewish and openly challenges the Left’s ideas on well … everything.

*fist bump*