Meryl Streep hates the spotlight so much she just keeps stepping into it …

Oh brother.

Emotional speech.

More like a whiny, poor-me filled rant about how hard it is to be famous and stupid.


Via Fox News:

“Yes, I am the most overrated, over-decorated and currently, I am the most over-berated actress … of my generation,” Streep said.

Streep said she wished she could stay at home and “and load the dishwasher” rather than take a podium to speak out adding that “the weight of all these honors” she’s received in her career compelled her to speak out.

“It’s terrifying to put the target on your forehead,” she said. “And it sets you up for all sorts of attacks and armies of brown shirts and bots and worse, and the only way you can do it is if you feel you have to. You have to! You don’t have an option. You have to.”

Please. Poor Meryl, she said some mean things and found out there are consequences.

What a sad, pathetic, desperate attempt to make herself feel better. Meanwhile the rest of America (predominantly middle America) that she disrespected just shook their heads at her … again.

Oh Meryl, maybe just shut up and act?