Some people are taking the Patriots win in the Super Bowl a little harder than others … like Kara Brown from Jezebel here (and yeah, we know it’s Jezebel but we HAD to share this silliness):

Yeah you morons! The Patriots didn’t play their butts off to come back from an 18 point deficit at halftime, it was RACISM.

Because Tom Brady supports Trump and Boston is a racist city. Not to mention Atlanta is in Georgia, which was heavily Trump country.

You have to wonder if she actually read this after she wrote it …

Tsk tsk. This is RACIST … oh wait.

Aww yes, the “if you disagree with me then you’re ignorant” argument so many on the Left rely on these days.


Heh. Actually we read somewhere that using lowercase letters is racist or something.

That social justice bean dip tastes like cilantro and guilt.

But Patriots! Tom Brady! Boston!

And boom.

Caps = yelling in the Twitterverse. What Brown doesn’t seem to understand is just because you’re loud doesn’t mean you’re right.