It’s so cute when Vox tries to passive aggressively pretend taxpayers don’t pay for abortion. And by cute we mean pathetic, sad and weak. Sure, protect that whole narrative that Planned Parenthood isn’t using fungible monies to pay for abortion … of course the only people who believe you support Planned Parenthood anyway.

Sane, thinking people actually know better.

But nice try, Vox.

This is good news for women who actually need and want health care. Women deserve better than an abortion mill pretending to be a care provider.

C’mon, if the funds are necessary and you could lose them over abortion, maybe stop performing abortions? Seriously.

Not to mention that government monies (which are fungible, that’s the key) should come nowhere NEAR abortion – if someone wants to have one, they can pay for it. Keeps the governent out of their uterus, right?

Makes sense.

Yes, Pence is against abortion. Duh.

She says this like it’s a bad thing?

Hey Democrats, if you want change win an election.

Remember that dude saying this as well …


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