It’s funny (funny weird, not funny ha ha) how mayors of sanctuary cities seem surprised that knowingly supporting people who enter our country ILLEGALLY would have consequences. You’d think they didn’t realize not going through proper channels for American citizenship is against the law.

And now that there’s a president who is willing to bring down the law, they’re complaining. Oh good grief.

Katie Pavlich was having NONE of it.

In reality there shouldn’t even be a choice, but after the last eight years of hearing how everything is America’s fault, sadly nothing surprises us anymore.

Weird right?

That being said, the legal citizens of these sanctuary cities keep voting in morons …

Compassion. *eye roll*

Yes, they keep leaving out that tidbit, that the people they’re protecting are here ILLEGALLY. Americans have no issue with legal immigrants, in fact we celebrate people who come here and do things the RIGHT WAY to be Americans. Criminals though? They need to go home.

‘Nuff said.