It’s gonna be a long couple of days (weeks, months, years) folks. Inauguration events have only just started and the loonies are already coming out of the woodwork like there’s a sale on meth and glitter glue.

Cue Michael Moore.

And yeah, we know, it’s an easy hit and paying attention to him only encourages him but C’MON, it has to be done!

Like this for instance:

From the whiny blowhard who never served a day in his life.

And Obama.

It’s cute how they pretend to give a damn about the brave men and women who serve, and by cute we mean pathetic, gross and repugnant.

OH PLEASE. C’mon Michael … this is melodramatic even for you.

Hey, it’s the only schtick they’ve got.

Decency. As if Moore knows what that word even means …