Sorry Lefties, Mattis is not your ordinary Republican, and no matter how hard you try to make him fit into your box so you can dehumanize and objectify him, you’ll lose.

He’s too busy making our enemies cry to deal with the Left and their silly agendas.

That of course didn’t stop Senator Gillibrand from trying to make him look like a sexist by implying he wouldn’t want women in combat.

He answered as only Mattis can:

Uh-oh. Backfire alert.

Why would he?

Yeah, we get it, Gillibrand, you really really really really want him to be a sexist so you can play that woman card, but clearly Mattis doesn’t care.

If you are willing to fight and can fight, he’ll let you fight.

Vagina or not.

Clearly she doesn’t know who she’s looking to “knife.”

In addition to trying to make him out to be a sexist, they went the homophobic route as well.




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