Because God forbid the media cover Trump in a positive way …

We get it, Wil, you don’t like Donald Trump.

If you can read his meltdown over a simple news story on a local CBS affiliate without laughing, your funny bone may be broken.


Wil owes it to his viewers to get over it and stop cluttering up Twitter feeds with nonsense and ridiculous blubbering.

Oh wait, he’s blocked about 2/3 of Twitter (including Twitchy) so then again the only people he’s reaching are in his whiny proverbial choir anyway.

You don’t need anything after the “but” in your statement. It’s a dumb thing to get upset about. Period.

Who are these mystery people who only have an antenna for news IN CALIFORNIA? Really dude?

Eventually one of the station’s reporters addressed Wil about the story and shared Sprint’s announcement with him:

Way to go Wil, you badgered a local news station into submission. You big toughie you.