Well whad’dya know … more votes were collected Detroit than the number of people who actually voted.

Hrm. Gosh, how does that happen?

What do you call that again … oh yeah VOTER FRAUD. But of course Democrats tell us this doesn’t happen so clearly this didn’t happen. But it did.

Of course since Trump won Michigan you have to anticipate the Left may start screeching that he cheated, except this happened in Detroit of all places … where Hillary had her only real strong showing in the state.

She beat him with like 95% of the vote in Detroit.

Apparently Democratic voters didn’t cheat QUITE hard enough.

And she STILL lost!

People just weren’t all that motivated to cheat for her this time around like they were for Obama.

Tragic AND hilarious.

Except Hillary wasn’t popular enough to bring in ALL the cheaters. Not really all that shocking if you think about it.

Heh. Stop oppressing dead people and their right to vote for Democrats!