Apparently Andrew Cuomo was a teensy bit overly confident in the Clinton campaign and reserved 200 rooms for his friends and family to attend Hillary’s inauguration.

Of course to be fair, Hillary Clinton herself was a teensy bit overly confident, but she’s not the one who might be out a bunch of money over hotel rooms in D.C.

Unless she lost early enough for him to cancel?

Per The Washington Times:

“New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo was so eager to celebrate Hillary Clinton’s presidential inauguration, he booked 200 hotel rooms in D.C. for family, friends and supporters of his own possible future bid for the presidency,” reports New York Post columnist Richard Johnson.

Mr. Cuomo snagged this big reservation at the iconic Madison Hotel, three blocks north of the White House. Alas, his plans went awry for obvious reasons. What now?

The “what now” appears to be that Cuomo actually sold the rooms to Republicans.

Guess he lucked out … and helped the GOP celebrate THEIR win.

Thanks governor!