Facebook has taken it upon itself to partner with fact checkers to make sure fake news isn’t getting pushed on their site. Among the fact checkers chosen is Snopes …

Yeah. We laughed out loud for a good five minutes as well. Go ahead, keep laughing.

It’s hilarious. Picking a site that’s rumored to be liberally biased to fact check fake news is a hoot. Leave it to Zuckerberg.

Demoted? Oh noez! Demoted on facebook?! Say it ain’t so!

See, we laughed too.

Ok well that’s just dark, we’d prefer to go the route of hilarious and mockery but that’s also a fair point. Who decides what is fake and if the fact checker making that determination is as biased as we think it is, what happens to real news they just happen not to approve of … yikes.

Most people use Facebook for recipes, cat memes and for checking to see if that mean girl they went to school with got fat. That’s about it, BUT for those who do use the site for news, the fact checkers Zuckerberg is picking are a tad disconcerting.