What is it about a photo of Keith Olbermann making a pouty face all wrapped up in an American flag that is so damn hilarious? Seriously. The picture itself is pretty funny (although we’re sorta thinking he wanted it to be intimidating or something) but when used in a joke-tweet by the genius of Iowahawk, aka David Burge, it goes into nuclear hee-haw territory.


Yes, we took a swing at Olbermann earlier today, but this tweet was just too good to pass up. Luckily Twitter responded in kind to Burge’s photo-whomp with their own hilarity:

So brave. Although to be honest, Keith doesn’t look all that tough wrapped up in our flag, really he just looks fussy and a little constipated. Perhaps that’s what is resisting, his colon?


Another good comparison.

Same face! Just put a pair of glasses on that pup and the likeness would be uncanny.

Being all fighty-fighty … lol.

Someone needs a nap nap, yup.

These cartoon characters are far more intimidating than Olbermann.

Hrm … that might actually BE Keith Olbermann. Seriously, have you ever seen E.T. and Keith Olbermann in the same room?

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