It is fairly well known that Wil Wheaton has over half the users (or more) blocked on Twitter. So talking trash at Trump supporters behind said block means that none of them really see it so that makes him a super tough guy.


And this is just dumb.

It’s always interesting to see the Left accuse the Right of the very things they’re doing. Perhaps Wil should look up the meaning of the word “bigotry,” he might be surprised to see that this behavior makes him one.

But according to Wil they DESERVE to be hated because he disagrees with them … or something. It’s hard to tell, most of his timeline is video game nonsense and begging for people to pay attention to his book which he keeps insisting he’s writing.

They don’t get it. The Left really does believe everyday Americans are just too stupid to know they voted incorrectly, and it’s up to him and his elitist buddies to help us see how stupid we are.

It’s beyond annoying, and it will keep costing them elections.

Perhaps if you didn’t have all of us BLOCKED Wil, you would see plenty of principled conservatives already speaking up about this but HEY … keep living in your bubble lil fella.