Loretta Lynch still doesn’t understand the difference between legal and illegal immigrants. America was built on legal immigrants and as a rule we celebrate the rich diversity of our heritage from all around the world.

It’s only when people enter our country illegally that we take issue with it, which Donald Trump called out in his campaign. That being said, the only “immigrants” who should have fear and uncertainty are those who entered this country illegally.

Ironic that a woman of the law doesn’t understand the difference between legal and illegal. And there is nothing to fear as long as when people enter this country they do it legally and obey our laws. Like any other America.



Democrats need to keep legal immigrants scared because otherwise they may start to listen to people on the right who are trying to protect the legacy they have created by entering this country legally.

Harsh but that’s the reality our failed immigration system has created. There are few choices now that can be made that don’t rely on stopping the influx of illegal immigrants and enforcing the laws that are already on the books.

Buckle up, Loretta.