Thousands of (paid) rioters … err … protesters have been out on the streets over the last week shaking their proverbial fists at President-elect Trump. We have seen a lot of silly and stupid things, but this picture of a protester with a sign perfectly illustrates how stupid the protesters themselves are.

What the Hell is scilence? Is that like science and silence?

Scenic silence? Or maybe she’s just a dolt who should stay away from making posters.

And it definitely needs more sparkles.

See, we’re not sure. White something and as long as it’s white there is something wrong with it … maybe? Hard to say.

THAT’S IT. We knew it was something like that.


And another winner! Fashisom – gosh, it’s almost impossible to spell that word that badly. Like it takes actual effort to spell that poorly.

What is that exactly, fascist fashion maybe?


Heh. Scure is (see what we did there!?)

Teachers are so busy inundating our youth with progressive nonsense and Leftist ideals they don’t have time to teach spelling.

The Scounds of Scilence.

Side note, our spellcheck is screaming at us every time we add a “c” incorrectly to a word.

Don’t be surprised if you see this hashtag trending, just sayin’.

True, she could be a well-rounded protester, sure.



Her spelling oppresses us all.

Obama built the scilence.

Bingo. Spell check does a lot of thinking for us, and if you’re younger and grew up writings papers on a computer with spell check you likely can’t spell all that well on your own.

Mic drop.