Soros, Pelosi and Warren … sounds like a really bad mob picture, where the evil “bosses” come together to stop the guy who beat them even though he won fair and square. And what’s really disconcerting is the phrase, “take back power.”

Seriously, you’d think the Democrats got together and tried to come up with the most infamous, ominous cast of characters to intimidate and silence Americans. Luckily many Americans don’t like to be told what to do these days …

Exactly. Let the government tell you how to live and what to do. Americans said NO THANK YOU. Democrats want to take the power, they don’t want to earn it and they certainly don’t want to share it with the little people.

It does. The system was fine and dandy a couple of weeks ago, all of these same people shaming Trump for saying he might question the results if he lost – now they’re trying to repeal the Electoral College and having creepy meetings like this one.

And yeah, how’s that working out for them? Perhaps now they’ll figure out the MAJORITY isn’t buying what they’re selling, and the American people are the ones with the power.

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