One of the latest developments surrounding President-elect Trump that is already riling up the Leftist snowflake base is that conservative radio host Laura Ingraham is being considered for Press Secretary.

Whether you like Ingraham or not, those press conferences would be EPIC.

Guessing they just added another 1000 rioters … er … protesters to the Trump protests over this one.

We all know she would absolutely destroy the press during press conferences.

Bingo. The amount of bellyaching on this post from The Hill alone tells you exactly how much the idea of a Press Secretary Ingraham freaks them all out.

We’d be lying if we said this doesn’t please us.

Look at this nonsense:

Like Earnest wasn’t all in for Obama?


And so on and so on.

Meanwhile Ingraham has not stopped dumping salt in the media’s “Hillary lost wound” …


Pass the popcorn.

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