“Peaceful protesters” were apparently feeling “artistic” in New Orleans and decided to spray paint a message of tolerance and love on the Lee Circle Monument because after all, love trumps hate.


Oh wait, this is the Left we’re talking about. Yeah, they didn’t write something nice, they wrote something horrible. “Die whites die.” Not likely to be a message on a Hallmark greeting card anytime soon.

For MONTHS Hillary and her supporters have been insisting that love trumps hate … sounds like hate trumps love with these people, they just didn’t understand that. Or they knew better because love does trump hate for them, but only for people who agree with them. Oh and yeah, whoever spray painted this monument is a YUGE racist.


There is no getting a grip when you’re a Leftist. In their simple, angry minds they have been wronged somehow because their queen wasn’t elected, so they are out with a vengeance.

Granted, there is no proof that this was a Hillary supporter and of course you have some tinfoil types out there saying Trump supporters did this … either way, this shows a massive divide still exists in this country.