Like so many Democrats, Michael Moore started the evening out feeling very self-righteous, nearing sanctimonious with this level of tweeting. Even going as far as to claim America as “his country now.” Sure, he was pandering to women and minorities as he often does, but you could tell like many people out there he was feeling pretty damn cocky …

And like many other Democrats, his mood changed DRASTICALLY when things starting shifting, around 10:00 p.m. EST.

This tweet was a tad more cryptic, yes? A tad more “Oh my God she’s going to lose what do I say now,” kind of thing, right? And then the ultimate meltdown:

FASCISM. Because Hillary didn’t play that same controlling card herself. How many times did she insult Americans who didn’t support her or pretend they weren’t as important as she and her supporters were. Forget the crimes, her acting like she was above the law and of course the Americans she left to die in BENGHAZI.

No no, Michael is worried about magical “friendly” fascism.