For months and months, Sally has been very vocal in her support for Hillary Clinton, and now that it’s the day of the election you’d think she would be out there pounding on her chest and hollering about how confident she is in her chosen queen.

Er … candidate.

Nope. Of course we haven’t been flapping our gums for months pretending that Trump was so easy to beat.

Guess not.

Don’t hate this idea, just sayin’.

And herein lies the Democrat’s biggest issue – the quiet ones. The ones secretly voting for Trump, Stein or Johnson. Maybe even McMullin, hey, stranger things have happened. So that tells you right there even the Democrats have doubts about their messaging and campaign in 2016.

Plus it probably doesn’t help that the majority of Americans believe Hillary broke the law, it’s just whether or not they can accept that she broke the law that is the point at which some will or will not vote for her.

She believes Hillary will win BUT YOU ALL SHOULD WORRY and vote for Hillary, even if you don’t actually agree with her. Sure, seems legit.

Again, this doesn’t seem like a tweet from a confidence person … Sally seems worried.

Perhaps she should be.

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